About Popoy's Kapihan

I'm Manny, and this is our story.

The idea of Popoy's Kapihan started during the infamous pandemic of 2020. During the lockdown, I got stuck in the province and was craving for good coffee. I brought my french press with me, but it was not strong nor good enough. I decided to get a moka pot. For those who are not familiar, a moka pot is an Italian invention in brewing a coffee by means of passing pressurised boiling water through the ground coffee. The result is a strong coffee somewhere between a french press and an espresso maker.


I started making espresso-based drinks with the mokapot; the first one was an iced mocha because I wanted to copy the iced mocha of a certain coffee chain. After some time, I remembered that I wanted to bring northern Vietnam's coconut coffee here because it was one of the best coffee drink I've ever had. I began crafting and perfecting the product, hoping to deliver a nice cold drink with just enough sweetness to capture the delicious taste of coconut coffee.


After "polishing" the coffee products according to my taste, I was happy and consuming them on a daily basis. It dawned on me, since I was just in the garage working on my software projects the entire day, why not share this good coffee to other people? They might like it too! And so I tried to ask my friends, relatives, and family to try the different coffee beverages, so we can further fine-tune the mix and adjust the taste to the general consensus.

Also started thinking of other stuff we needed if we're gonna offer this to public, like take-out cups, better glassware, digital measuring tools for precision, environmental concerns, and processes. Thinking about the name of the coffee shop was also a challenge, but good thing Popoy was there to inspire us, and thus Popoy's Kapihan was born.

Who is Popoy?

Popoy is my mother's dog. He's the CEO of Popoy's Kapihan:


He might look small and cute, but on top of his CEO duties, he's also a fierce guard at the coffee shop.


Please check our Menu Page for more information.

Prices are subject to change without notice


Popoy's Kapihan is located at RBR Laguna Gardens, Bgy. Bagong Kalsada, Calamba, Laguna, Philippines.

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For inquiries, you may email them at manny@mvergel.com

Thank you for reading up to this point. Once again, I'm manny, and I hope you could visit us! Just look for this sign: